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Viva! Green Lines Poetry Competition

Want to wax lyrical about anything veggie? Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a poem about anything related to Viva!, saving animals or the world or all three. It could be a happy or funny poem about going veggie/vegan or passionate lines fighting animal cruelty. Let your creative side flow.

Poster for Factory Farming – It’s Gotta Go! campaign

Design a poster for Viva!’s campaign – Factory Farming, It’s Gotta Go! and you could win a goodie bag.

Stick ‘em up!

Design a sticker for Viva! and you could win a goodie bag and see other Activists stickers here” on main news for Youth and then the copy below in the Comp pages.

Latest News

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Save Badgers with Viva!

Object today against badger 'culling' in England and Wales

Despite the news that an oral vaccine is available and effective, the governments of England and Wales are blundering on with their policy to allow the slaughter of thousands of badgers to satiate the bloodlust of many farmers. This is a disaster - and one that will be impossible to monitor or stop once it starts. This is a licence for cruelty, born out of stupidity and political motivation. Please get involved in our fight for the British badger!

Urgent: Object to badger ‘culling’! Please take this opportunity to tell the governments both in England and Wales exactly what you think about their plans to slaughter badgers. To make things easier for you, we have written pre-prepared messages to email or post.

Also, please contact the National Trust and ask them to not be swayed from their policy to not allow badger 'culling' on their land. Use our pre-prepared message.

Check out Viva!’s campaigns for badgers and read our fact sheet.

Horrifying Hatcheries: the truth about what happens to ‘unwanted’ male chicks in the British egg industry

For the first time ever in the UK, Viva! has lifted the lid on the secretive world of the egg hatchery. Our shocking investigation has just made headlines in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mirror and The Express and for the first time you can view the shocking reality of what happens to male chicks – whose only crime is that they are the wrong sex to lay eggs. Donate to ensure we can carry on exposing the brutal truth behind animal farming in Britain today.

Between 30-40 million of them are killed every year in Britain, by either being thrown alive into electric mincers or by being gassed in their thousands. This is a needless destruction of life to an unimaginable scale – and all to bring eggs to our tables. It happens in all egg production: from the most intensive through to organic farming.

The only solution is to stop eating eggs and go vegan. Viva! can help:

Viva! Fundraising Day!

Ever wanted a simple, fun and inspiring way to raise money to help save the lives of millions of farmed animals with Viva!? Well now’s the chance!

If you support our aims to end cruelty to farmed animals and help the world become a kinder place, please join our Vegan Cake Bake. Funds are for our campaign Factory Farming - It's Gotta Go! which exposes the true horror and complete lack of humanity involved in the way most animals are reared in the UK.

Get on board with our Fundraising Vegan Cake Bake, click here for all the info you need to make your fundraising a success!

Sigur Ros sing for the animals


Sigur Rós’ records are timeless and beautiful works of art. An artistic mix of classical instruments, chiming glockenspiels, heavy reverb, and wondrous, buoyant vocals bring life to their epic and vast soundscapes. There is a simplicity to the raw and true beauty of Sigur Rós that can be life-changing.

As huge fans of the band, Viva!'s Kate Montgomery and I were very excited to be invited backstage at Bristol's Colston Hall to speak to front-man Jónsi before the concert! He was friendly and excited and seemed interested in learning more about Viva! and the work we do for animals. [read]

Ladytron - Mira Aroyo


Bulgarian-born Mira is a clued up environment-loving, animal cruelty-hating vocalist with a difference, and Viva!ACTIVE were thrilled to be invited backstage at the Bristol Carling Academy to speak to her before the Ladytron gig. [read]



















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